Tricks for lightening armpits !

Published : 2023-12-24 21:43:30
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Hello everyone,

We all know somebody who has a problem of dark armpits. Maybe this person is you!

You also want to wear tanks and raise your arms when you want? In concert, you are the only one who not raise arms to applaud your favorite star?

Don’t worry! Today, Cosmeto Nature offers you tricks to lighten your armpits!

This problem is often due to too frequent shaving but also to poor hydration of the armpits. Therefore, and to avoid this kind of inconvenience, we advise you to not shave at all (MORE AT ALL, even if you are late for your appointment with the doctor and even if you are ashamed she/he will see hairs under your arms ...!).

Prefer the removal of hair with wax! It does not take longer than shaving (even if you will probably need two more arms in your beginnings) and then if you follow the definitive hair removal treatment to the ant eggs, you will soon have no hair problem under the arms! If you don’t do it, then you should.

Blackened armpits


Some knacks for lightening armpits

- Lemon: Known for its strong depigmenting action! The ideal ally to lighten its armpits. Spray lemon juice directly on the armpits; mix with a little water if you have sensitive skin. Or, grab a half lemon and rub it under your armpits for a few minutes.

- Oat’s mask (2 times a week): mix a little bit of oat with a spoon of honey, and finally add a half-lemon juice (we told you, the lemon is your really best friend for lightening your armpits). Apply the mixture under your armpits and let the mask stand for one hour, then rinse.

- Do not use deodorant: prefer the alum stone stick or roll-on deodorant

- Moisturize your armpits: Use a moisturizing cream, moisturizing oil or a moisturizing soap (and yes, the underarms are often subject to dehydration which makes them darker). In this case, you have the choice with sweet almond oil, argan oil, aloe vera cream, argan soap, nigella oil soap, etc.

- Avoid irritation and wear cotton clothes rather.

- Sodium bicarbonate paste: mix a little bit of bicarbonate with water which will give you a kind of paste. Apply this mixture every night before going to sleep, and let it act until the next day and then rinse thoroughly with water.

- Exfoliate: with a pumice stone that you can use in your shower once a week for two minutes. You can even use exfoliating soaps or scrubs. This will allow you to remove dead skin and restoring beauty to your armpits. You can also use horsehair glove, without too much force like for the pumice stone, just 1 to 2 times a week for two minutes.

- Use snail mucus or a cream base of slaver of snail: known for their regenerating and moisturizing properties for the skin, they can prove to be good allies to get rid of blakcs spot on your armpits!

- Use depigmenting cream: it can also be a a solution!


===> And you, what are your tricks?


See you soon!


Cosmeto Nature

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