Hemani Snake Oil, an oil with a thousand benefits for the hair

Published : 2019-11-18 16:32:39
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We come back today with an article of one of our natural hair products which has already seduced many users but which has also sucks many question: the Hemani Snake oil also called Zait Al Hayee.


What is snake oil?

It is an oil as its name indicates and it is made of a mixture of oils carefully chosen for their different benefits.

Although its name mislead, snake oils doesn’t contain any trace of ingredients from this animal – don’t worry, animals’ friends, no snakes were killed to make this oil.

So why this name? The name “snake oil” or “Zait Al Hayee” has been chosen in relation to the famous story released from the Greek Mythology. Small history course: Poseidon seduced Medusa in a temple dedicated to Athena. This one, in anger, transform the hair of the beautiful Medusa into a cluster of snakes.

Snake oil is an oil with many benefits to the hair.


What are the benefits of snake oil?

In addition to protecting hair from the air, snake oil is ideal to fight against hair loss, dandruff and greatly helps the capillary growth.

Snail oil or Zait Al Hayee fortifies the hair and restores the thickness of the hair too fine. It deeply rehydrates the hair.

Hemani oil is 100% natural and contains no harmful substances (no chemical preservatives, no parabens or phenoxyethanol), contrary to its many counterfeits.

We recommend you to be careful of where you buy this oil

Snake oil softens the hair in addition to fighting against dandruff, activate the hair growth. And I don’t tell you about the gorgeous smell it emits! A real delight! 

How to use the Snake oil?

In mask: cover your hair with this oil then cover it with a warm towel, or cellophane. Leave it for 20 minutes to 1 hour the first time then wash your hair with your usual shampoo. Even after just a few uses, you can leave the oil through the night.

You can also mix it with several oils, in particular with garlic oil and onion oil, as in the set for Hair Regrowth and Hair Loss.


What are the oils that compose snake oil?

You should know that there is a lot of snake oil on the market but the best known is the one of Hemani, so we will focus on it. It is made of:

- Castor oil: Castor oil is intended to rehydrate and regenerate dry hair with split ends and accelerate their growth

- Sesame oil: it helps to tone the hair and protect it against the UV radiation.

- Mustard oil: mustard oil stimulates the regrowth of the hair and prevents their fall.

- Olive oil: Olive oil fortifies and nourished deeply the hair.

- Laurel leaves: The laurel leaves fight against dandruff and hair loss, and incite the growth of the hair and their renewal.

- Jatamans or Nard: Nard essential oil is traditionally used to activate, stimulate hair regrowth.

- Tigernut oil: Tigernut oil, which also helps to delay hair regrowth when applied to depilated areas, nourished deeply, smoothes and softens the hair fiber, prevents dehydration of hair and restores shine to damaged hair.

- Alkanna tinctoria: Formerly, the red root of the alkanna tinctoria was used to make natural dyeing.

- Santalam album oil: It revitalizes dry and damaged hair.


“All of these vegetable oils that compose the snake oil Hemani is 100% natural and extracted by cold pressure to preserve all of their virtues to assure a maximum of efficiency.”

You will find some commentary about this oil Hemani:

MARK: ****

I recommend

Camille H.


Very pretty flask, not unpleasant smell. I tried it once but for now it looks promising! Hair shine, I leave it overnight. I think that after several uses I will see a real improvement.

MARK: *****


Céline L.


The oil applies well, no need to put a lot, the smell is divine, and my hair is very soft!


That’s all for this article, I hope you like it! Don’t hesitate to come back to us if you have any questions! Leave your comments ;-)


Enjoy your week-end!

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