Fight against oily and acneic skin

Published : 2023-12-25 21:43:17
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ARGH… Acne, blackheads, pimples, imperfections… We thought that once out of the adolescence our skin would have a second breath and we would finally have the right to have a beautiful skin after all these years of cutaneous imperfection… BUT NO! Even as adult, we taste the joy of having an oily and acneic skin … What a pain!

The culprit: the excess of sebum! Main cause of many skins problems.                

Because at Cosmeto Nature, we are very nice, we will give you tips to help you to fight against the excess of sebum and have a perfect skin!


Clean the skin in depth

To reduce the oily skin effect, it is very important to have an irreproachable hygiene.

Wash regularly your face with lukewarm water 1 to 2 times a day with a soap adapted as an organic Aleppo soap with nigella known to reduce the excess of sebum and acne.

You can also use konjac sponges with bamboo charcoal or peppermint for their sebum-regulating and anti-imperfections virtues for your daily routine and cleanse and exfoliate your face gently and deeply.

You may also opt for facial cleansers such as the Avril Organic Cleansing Gel with Aloe Vera and Marigold or the Organic Cleansing Foam with Lotus Flower, which in addition to cleansing your face will rid it of all these impurities.

Don’t forget to remove your make-up to avoid the obstruction of the pores and the increasing of the oily effect of your skin. For this, opt for natural products that will cleanse your makeup like a tonic lotion or organic wipes.


Taking care of your skin and moisturizing it even if it is greasy

Oily skin does not mean it is over-hydrated. Rather, oily skin needs as much hydration and attention as dry skin.

However, opt for non-comedogenic products such as snail mucus which regulates excess of sebum in addition to help the disappearance of pimples, imperfections, blackheads acne ... I think we have repeated enough: snail slime products are THE miracle products that we should all adopt for our beauty routines.

You can also opt for aloe vera which is a classic of beauty! Aloe Vera reduces the excess of sebum and helps to remove facial imperfections.

You should make a mask with organic aloe vera mixed to a few drops of tea tree oil (known for its anti-sebum and anti-acne virtues). It doesn’t take time and it will be good for your skin!


Use mattifying leaves to absorb sebum

Oily skin, particularly in summer, reflect easily with a glossy effect on the skin and it can be particularly embarrassing.

That's why we advise you to use this little mattifying leaves to take everywhere you go and once you used them on your face, they will have absorbed all the grease and the sebum! You can also use mattifying leaves on your makeup! It is magical, isn't it?

Blackhead extractor

As it is indicated in its name, blackhead extractor is a formidable little tool who will permit to remove black spots and ungraceful blackheads in order to let the pore breath. In this way, you will be able to cleanse your pore and make it tighten.

Using a blackhead extractor ask a little bit of technique and it is necessary to first open the pores with a hot water vapors but the blackhead extractor has already proven that it can give you a beautiful without blackheads.  


Black bamboo carbon charcoal peel-off mask

You have not been able to escape the trend of black masks made of bamboo charcoal!

We neither! It is a mask to be applied to a comedogenic zone more generally the zone T (forehead, nose, chin) and to let dry. Once dry, the mask turns into an ultra-sticky film that will catch the famous blackheads.

By removing it, we see all the imperfections on the black film and we have immediate results!

As for the use of the blackhead extractor, it is important to clean the skin immediately after using it because otherwise the pores will be refilled with new comedones ....

The black mask is now available on the site! Do not forget to follow us on Facebook or Instagram like that you will not miss our next unusual products!


Monitor your diet, reduce stress, tobacco…

As with everything, our lifestyle is reflected on our skin. Keep an eye on your diet! Indeed, a greasy and sweet food will be reflected by a greasy skin. Vary your diet and prefer foods rich in vitamins A, B6, E and rich in omega-3 which are great antioxidants for body and skin!


Take care of yourself and forget your hassles! Stress is one of the most common factors that will act on the skin and give you oily skin and about cigarette, it is not recommended when the skin is oily. Generally, tobacco is a very bad when we want to take care of our skin!


See you soon for a new article ! Take care of yourself

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