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Published : 2015-10-16 17:16:48
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Welcome to Cosmeto Nature Blog!

Today, we offer you an article about an ingredient as miraculous as strange, it is of course … * Drum roll * … the snail slime! We reveal you all its secrets and benefits for the skin in this article. Wish you a good reading!


At first glance, this ingredient with a slightly ragout appearance who can seem odd, but it contains 1001 virtues as beneficial to our skin as that of the snail.

The snail slime has been used for millennia, especially in Asian cultures (essentially in Korea and Japan) for skin care. We understand better why the Asians are well known to have a very pretty skin.

Today, the secret is revealed! Who would have thought that snail slime would be the miracle asset to have a super skin? Surely not me! But, you know that at Cosmeto Nature we like products that are a little bit out of the ordinary :)!

In Japan, the new trend is to let some snails gambol quietly on his face! How far certain people are ready to go to have a beautiful skin!


What is snail slime or Helix aspersa secretion/polyhelixan?

The snail slime as its name indicates comes from the snail itself.

We have all already worn a snail in our childhood and we saw the trace of drool that leaves on its way. That's what we use in cosmetics. Don’t worry, we do not pick up the slime on the ground, it is collected in a natural way but sterilized so we can use it for cosmetics.

Most often, the drool used in cosmetic products comes from the Latin Americas snails, especially from Chile and Peru, where the first cosmetics based on slime of snails were created, which is why we often hear about “Baba de Caracol” which is the Spanish translation of 'snail slime'.

More the active ingredient of slime snail is concentrated, pure and natural, more it will be effective for the skin.


What does the snail slime contain?

The snail slime contains extraordinary components, which are very beneficial for the regeneration of cells. Example: Have you ever seen a snail with a wounded shell? If so, observe its shell a few days. You will see that progressively, it will regenerate thanks to the slime that the snail secretes.

Snail slime contains allantoin which acts as a powerful healing and cellular regenerate. Also, it has softening and soothing virtues that can calms irritations. Even, there is natural collagen and elastin which gives to the skin all its elasticity. We also find glycolic acid which is an excellent exfoliator for the skin: it gums and removes all the dead skin cells, cleans and unclogs the pores of the skin, and accelerates the cellular renewal.

Finally, the snail slime contains: vitamin A, C, E as well as natural antibiotics: antioxidants, anti-infectious and protectors.


What are the benefits of snail slime?

It is well known that this natural ingredient has helped many people to cure dermatologic diseases like psoriasis, acne, etc...

Many people with acne problems lent themselves in a before-and-after game and we can notice some amazing progressions! This is a miraculous product!

We can also remark very good improvements on stretch mark.

In general, snail slime heals scars, or at least, improves their appearance. It helps to cure the stretch marks that can appear during pregnancy and helps the healing of burns.

It can be also use for the disappearance of brown spots, to reduce acne, tighten the skin and mitigate wrinkles.


In which products can we find snail slime?

Cosmeto Nature range of products based on snail slime

The snail slime is sold under a very diversified range: liquid, cream, soap… you can find it in all formats.

The most sold formats whose effectiveness has been proven are creams. Moisturizing, repairing, snail slime creams are very practical for any sorts of cutaneous problems.

We can also find the slime of snail in a pure and liquid form like a mucus, which is practical to treat deeply all skins disorders or in organic frost format.

The slime of snail can be also find as a soap: very practical for the body and to cure the stretch marks.

Prices are very flexible and an expensive product doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be more effective than a cheaper product.

For example, our pure-snail mucus, in addition to being very effective, has a very accessible price: 12,99€ on our shop!


How to use products with snail slime?

In general, you can use snail slime products every day, in the morning and in the evening.

Keep them in a cool place, they will be more effective and will have a decongestant effect on your skin that will help to smooth and draw the facial characteristics.

That’s all for this article! We hope that it will have lit you a little more on the snail slime and its daily use.

As for the previous article, don’t hesitate to come back to us if you have any questions concerning products based on snail slim or let us comments about these products!


See you soon and have a good week !

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