Henna oil - Hemani

Henna oil for dry skin and hair - Hemani

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At last, Cosmeto Nature customers can benefit from the rejuvenating properties of henna oil for both skin and hair.
Extracted from the leaves of the henna plant, this easy to use natural product strengthens the hair and moisturises the face and body for a feeling of pure nourishment from top to toe.

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Description of Hemani henna oil for dry skin and hair

Hemani henna oil is ideal for sufferers of dry, sensitive or irritated skin. Helping to restore suppleness and elasticity, henna oil reduces the appearance of age spots and skin irregularities.

It can also combat dandruff by regulating the scalp’s sebum production. Maintaining a flawless head of hair is easy with henna, which restores brittle, frizzy or damaged fibres caused by over-colouring without producing a copper tone.
Henna works in the same way as coconut oil to give hair and body a super soft, satin finish.

This product is safe to use without discolouring. Simply massage into the skin after cleansing at night, or apply to dry hair a few hours before shampooing as normal. For more intensive results, combine with Hemani pomegranate oil for the skin and Hemani snake oil hair serum after washing.



Composition of the Henna oil for Hair

Henna Oil 




30 ml / 1 oz

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Henna for hair and skin

I use it consistently for hair and skin. My husband gets relief from eczema. He but more for himself. It is one I will use for life for hyperpigmentation, hair growth and sleep issues. It is awesome.

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