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The hair powder and marshmallow care is an excellent detangler. She will wash her hair, and soothe your scalp. Sweetness and hydration assured. For the face, it will provide excellent protection and soothe your skin from sunburn by regenerating power.

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Description of the Marshmallow powder

Marshmallow Care Powder is highly regarded and appreciated for its ease in detangling hair after shampooing and rinsing. Marshmallow comes from the roots of a herbaceous plant: reduced in powder, it is an excellent care for hair and for the skin.

Marshmallow is made of mucilage, which allows it to have a strong detangling, fortifying, moisturizing and nourishing power on hair. In addition, it will soften the skin texture with these mucilages. The powder is a perfect concentrate for a very pleasant softness on the hair, as on the skin


For what type of hair ?

Dry hair, curly hair and frizzy hair are the main targets for this skincare powder. To make hair masks, this care powder is ideal: it will be able to coat the hair fiber, untangle the hair and soothe the scalp.

Also, this powder is very effective for irritated skin, dehydrated, dry and very sensitive; it will moisturize very dry skin and revitalize dry skin.

Marshmallow powder is very easy to apply: it forms a gelled paste when in contact with water and is used on all hair colors, especially sensitive hair, with problems (very dry hair , damaged, split ...) as well as on dry and sensitive skin



Advice for using this neutral henna

- Mix some marshmallow powder with warm water, possibly adding other hair care powders, vegetable oils or cosmetic active ingredients, then apply to wet hair and leave for several hours before rinsing.

- When planting with henna, it is possible to add Marshmallow powder to the henna mixture to facilitate the disentangling of the hair and benefit from the benefits of this powder on her hair.



Composition of the Marshmallow powder

Cassia obovata




100 gr

Reviews (1)

cheveux tout doux!

Je l'utilise pour moi et ma fille de 3 ans. Il nous rend les cheveux tout doux et brillant, même pas besoin d'utiliser un après shampoing. C'est nickel !

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