Lavender vegetal oil, skin calming and relaxing - Hemani

Lavender oil, skin calming and relaxing - Hemani

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Lavender oil is one of nature’s most powerful and versatile remedies for the body and mind.

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Description de l'huile de lavande

Lavender is therapeutic, helps soothe the skin, improves wound healing, and even has an anti-microbial effect.

The virtues of lavender oil are numerous:









Lavender oil is also ideal for natural beauty care. It acts effectively on your skin to fight against ageing and reduce the small wrinkles that may appear. Indeed, thanks to its regenerating properties, lavender oil prevents the skin from sagging.

Lavender oil also has benefits for acne-prone skin. You can use lavender as a face mask to help restore a clean, fresh complexion.

Finally, lavender has valuable antiseptic properties. It promotes healing. By applying a few drops of lavender oil to a small wound, you can receive an exponential improvement in the speed of healing. It won't work miracles or save you from infection, but it can tighten the skin and make it heal faster than usual. It also helps to soothe the skin after hair removal.

Lavender is beneficial for relaxation and gives a calming effect. The soothing ability of lavender when inhaled relaxes you to incredible levels, so quickly and so effectively that you can get rid of stress and anxiety.

Although primarily aromatic, the nutrients in lavender oil are also useful for improving hair growth. Massaging your scalp daily will help reduce hair loss, improve scalp health and develop healthier strands over time.

Conseil d'utilisation

Conseil d'utilisation de l'huile de lavande

  • Use lavender oil after shaving to soothe the skin. Apply the oil directly to the skin or with a cotton pad soaked in lavender oil 
  • Applying lavender oil after hair removal will help soothe the skin. 
  • Lavender vegetable oil can be used in hair care: massage on oily hair and scalp.

Composition de l'huile de lavande

Prunus dulcis oil (Almond - Amande douce), Lavandula angustifolia oil (Lavande)


Contenance de l'huile de lavande

30 ml

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