Valentine's Day: Love is in the air - Part 1

Published : 2017-02-07 11:41:55
Categories : Feelgood

February is the month of Love; well, that’s what is said.

Valentine’s Day is coming and whether we are single or in a couple, that date echoes in our minds: some are excited about it, others feel apprehension...

But don’t panic! We have decided to make a list of recommendations to spend a wonderful lovers day or to survive it with dignity and even pleasure !

In this article, we mostly speak to those who are apprehensive of being single for Valentine’s day.

To be continued... Part 2 for those who are eager to spend February 14th with their lover.


Step 1: Valentine’s Day without Valentine? No DRAMA !

Whether you have or not a Valentine, February 14th is a date like any other because, after all, if you had a Valentine, you would want every day to be lovers day, right? By the way, gentlemen, if you are reading this, you know what to do !


Step 2: Allow yourself some “me time”

Why don’t you take advantage of this day by making it special for YOU ?

Take a warm relaxing bath with a lot of foam by sipping a nice tea and listening to your favorite songs playlist;

Go all out: SPA, massage, manicure, scrubbing, mask...

In a beauty institute, at a friend’s home or own home, the point is to dedicate a special moment for your own well-being !


Step 3: let’s have a social life !

If being single for Valentine’s Day seems to be insurmountable, call your best friend and plan shopping, bar, restaurant, cine, bowling... You have the choice !

And if (just like us at Cosmeto) all your friends are in a couple, no need to use Tinder to have social interactions: let’s go to a yoga, fitness or aqua biking collective session !


Step 4: Carpe Diem !

After a busy day at work, school or cocooning for the lucky ones, cook a yummy plate or order UberEATS to enjoy with a movie (why not the crazy comedy “How to be single” ?!) and give your cat a hug... if you have the luck to have one which authorizes you to !

Finally, enjoy this moment and don’t forget that it is not necessary to be in a couple to realize your dreams !


Watchword: be at peace with yourself #singleandreadytomingle and be self-confident #girlpower

You don’t need a man to feel good in your shoes, sneakers or stilettos ! ♕


And, who knows, maybe “someday the Prince will come” ... But this is another story !



Cosmetically yours,

Marine ✿

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