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Thanks to its excellent composition, like many algae, spirulina is a perfect ingredient to beautify your hair, promote hair growth and strengthen it. Strengthen your hair and prevent hair loss by using spirulina powder.

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What are the benefits of spirulina powder?

The benefits of spirulina on hair are hidden in its composition. The proteins contained in spirulina protect the hair from external aggressions, UV and sea water.

Spirulina is also very rich in iron, which allows it to fight against hair loss. Many fatty acids, vitamins and minerals are contained in spirulina and are essential to a beautiful hair nourished and healthy.

Spirulina algae are ideal for strengthening the scalp, regenerating fragile, tired and weakened hair and also allow a better accelerated growth of hair. It also acts against hair loss and prevents baldness. It also contains natural antioxidants perfect for the elimination of dandruff.

This care powder nourishes the hair in depth and gives volume directly to the hair. Thanks to spirulina powder, hair is less dull, damaged and brittle, softer, thicker, more supple and shinier.
It redefines curls and wavy hair. On a long-term use it is also a good remedy against dandruff.

How to use spirulina powder?

    Mix spirulina powder with warm water, then stir until you get a little thick paste. You can add other hair care powders or vegetable oils as needed.
    Then spread the mixture over your clean hair.
    Wrap your hair with cellophane and leave it on for a few hours for best results.
    Finally rinse your hair thoroughly without shampooing.


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