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The madder coloring powder is natural. It allows, by its strong active red coloring, to color the hair by leaving red, bright red, mahogany, or auburn highlights. Used as a hair mask, it will revive dull colors thanks to its shades.

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Description of the Madder Powder

Madder, also called Manjishta, is a plant known for its strong red coloring power. These are the roots of the plant that gives this natural and plant color. It is widely used to make a hair mask and make a homemade coloring. The madance vegetable coloring powder will tint the hair into a sublime mahogany red, in a natural way.
It is advisable to mix this powder with natural henna to make a hair coloring house and to avoid the formation of lumps, so it will be easier to mix and apply. If it is highly recommended to associate with a henna color, it is also to have a particular and more pleasant rendering. Depending on the henna chosen (neutral henna, Indian, Egyptian ...), the hair can have a nice natural color, dark red, bright red, mahogany, auburn ...

Mixed with a base, the color of madder can change: it becomes orange with lemon or cider vinegar, mahogany with sodium bicarbonate, red with alum stone and orange with salt ...

There are several ways to use the madder: In mask hair dye (mixed with henna), mask refreshing reflections (alone or mixed with other coloring powders with hot water) or rinse water ( infusion) to maintain the reflections.


With what basic color?

This hair coloring powder is widely used on light hair, brown hair and dark hair. Depending on the initial hair color and associations, the rendering will not be the same.

Indeed, on blond and white hair, the coloring powder will bring a beautiful red hair. On the other hand, on darker hair, the powder will have a different effect; it is a red, auburn and mahogany reflection that will appear.



Advice for using this madder powder for hair

- Mix madance powder with your natural henna (Indian or Egyptian) or wet your natural henna with infusion of madder then apply on wet hair and leave for several hours before rinsing.



Composition of the madder powder

Lawsonia Inermis



Capacity of the Manjisha powder

100 gr

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