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Rhapontic powder, natural, has lightening properties in the hair. It is very effective to hide the white hair and to revive the golden blond hair and clear.

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Description of the Rhapontic powder for blond hair

The vegetable coloring powder of rhapontic comes from the root of Chinese rhubarb, an Asian flowering plant. It is a plant used with natural or neutral henna to benefit the lightening properties on the hair. This powder is used as a hair mask to color and revive the blonde but also to hide too many white hair.

Also, she associates herself perfectly with several henna. The powder rhapontic will be able to soften the color of hair brought by the henna. It mixes easily with other coloring powders or hair care powders.


For what kind of hair ?

The rhapontic coloring powder is superb for blonde or golden hair and light brown hair. This hair care is perfect to make a mask on the hair. For light hair and white hair, mix the rhapontic staining powder with Indian or Egyptian henna and let it sit.

Thanks to this coloring powder, the white hair will have a beautiful natural color.



Advice for using this hair powder

- Mix rhapontic powder with your natural henna (Indian or Egyptian) or neutral henna then apply on wet hair and leave for several hours before rinsing.



Composition of the Rhapontic powder

Rheum rhaponticum L.




100 gr

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