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Body Dry Brush

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The dry brush is a method of cleaning the skin in depth and without added materials, it is sufficient to itself.

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Body dry Bush description

Dry brushing is today an ancient method, forgotten by many of us. It allows much more cleansing and revitalizing skin scrubbing than conventional soap washing.

It stimulates blood circulation, which is essential for maintaining a good physical condition on the outside (healthier, brighter, lighter skin) as well as on the inside (faster cell turnover, better circulation of blood, lymphatic system) .

Its long handle allows a simpler use, reaching the most difficult areas to scrub oneself without much effort.

Used throughout the world, this method of washing is one of the most powerful ways to regulate the sebum of the skin, and eliminate the upper layer of the skin, which is filled with dirt, dust and harmful acids for the good functioning of our cell renewal.



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