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Kapoor Kachli powder (or "kapur kachri") is an Indian powder with strong fortifying and soothing properties. It can bring intense volume to your hair. It gives off a pleasant smell, which allows it to mix with your hair masks. It is an excellent dry shampoo too.

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Description of the Kapur Kachri Powder for hair

The kapoor kachli (kapur kachri) vegetable powder is an excellent hair care for dull hair that lacks shine and has difficulty growing. Kapoor kachli is used and well known in the Ayurvedic tradition. It comes from the roots of the plant Hedychium spicatum; it is wild ginger. The reduced roots form a very fine powder which forms the Ayurvedic powder of kapoor kachli.

This plant powder is a care that has many different virtues for the hair: it strengthens, shines and sheaths the hair. It is a natural and 100% vegetable powder that has a special but soothing smell. In addition, it is also rich in antioxidants.


 For what kind of hair ?

Ayurvedic kapoor kachli powder is perfect for white hair, light hair and dull hair in general. Leaving the kapoor kachli powder, mixed beforehand with hot water or other vegetable powders, will help promote hair growth.

In the form of a mask, the natural powder of kapoor kachli is easily applied to all the hair: mixed with powders of natural colorations and henna, it will give beautiful renditions for very dull hair.



Advice for using the Kapoor Kachli

- During a vegetable coloring, it is possible to add kapoor kachli powder to the henna mixture to perfume it and benefit from the benefits of this powder on its hair.

- As a hair care mask, it is possible to mix this kapoor kachli powder with other vegetable powders and let the mixture sit for several hours on the hair before washing.

It also has a Dry shampoo function: For this, simply spread it to the roots of the hair, leave for a few minutes and brush.



Composition of the Kapoor Kachli hair care

Hedychium Spicatum




100 gr

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