Coloration végétale "aubergine" - Melanzana Phitofilos

Vegetable coloring "eggplant" - Melanzana Phitofilos

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Do you dream of having beautiful burgundy or violet highlights? Eggplant hair color is a choice that will not leave you indifferent. This eggplant (or Melanzana) hair color from Phitofilos is a set of plant powders selected with the greatest care for an ideal result in cool shades of purple.

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How to get a violet coloring with vegetable powder?

The Melanzana hair coloring by Phitofilos is a natural and vegan mixture of coloring powder in which we find campêche wood, Indian madder, indigo as well as red henna in order to obtain a color in the tones "purple".

Like all vegetable dyes, this one is based on pigments from dye plants. Unlike chemical hair coloring, it does not penetrate the hair fiber. But for the result to be good, there are certain information to know and precautions to take before use.

Each color has its own result!

Phitofilos coloring powder is recommended to obtain purple shades. However, depending on your hair's base color, the result may be different:

    If you have brown hair:

Whether you have totally brown hair or your shade, initial, is sprinkled with several whites, the result will still be there. And for good reason, it's on your hair color that the best eggplant shades appear. As long as you scrupulously respect the ideal application time, which is between 60 and 90 minutes.

    If you have light brown or dark blonde hair:

If you have light brown or dark blonde hair, this coloring will also suit you perfectly. However, even with an application time of 45-120 minutes, you won't get the same results as if you have brown hair. However, you will be able to enjoy a beautiful mahogany intensive shade. And truth be told, the result can really be pleasing.

    If you have white hair:

Unfortunately, this eggplant shade does not provide effective results on white hair. It is possible to use it as a second step. In this case, it will be an excellent correction for a cherry red color or a red henna tint. In general, it will also be an excellent help for the correction of brown tints.

How to use eggplant vegetable coloring according to the desired result?

For violet highlights:

Mix the eggplant coloring with madder powder.

For even redder highlights:

You can mix eggplant hair color with Phitofilos cherry red hair color.

To cover white hair:

You'll need to do a two-step process. First apply natural pigmented henna, rinse and apply eggplant coloring as a second application.


Haematoxylon Campechianum Bark Powder, Rubia Cordifolia Root Powder, Indigofera Tinctoria Leaf Powder, Lawsonia Inermis Leaf Powder

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