Sea Sponge Sanitary Tampon - In Time Sponge

2x Sea Sponge Sanitary Tampons - In Time Sponge

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Natural sea sponges to replace sanitary tampons and napkins during menstruation: 100% natural, reusable, ecological and safe for your body.

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What is the natural sanitary tampon In Time Sponge?

Stop using toxic menstrual products!

Thanks to the sea sponge menstrual tampon, woman can use a 100% natural product to absorb the menstrual flow without hurting or irritating. Natural, soft and safe, sea sponges sanitary tampons are suitable for all women, even those having intimate sensitivity.

Washable and reusable, sea sponges are fished in an eco-friendly way.


How to use the sea sponges menstrual tampons?

  1. Wash your hand before introducing and removing the sea sponge sanitary tampon.
  2. For the first use, wash and rinse the sponge to make it soft. Press it to remove water.
  3. Introduce the sponge in your vagina. You can keep it up to 5 hours according to your menstrual flow.
  4. To remove the tampon, contract the pelvic muscles and use your fingers.
  5. Rinse it under cold water and introduce it again or store it in the provided case.
  6. After the use, wash the sponge and let it dry in the open air

If the sponges are too big, you can cut it at your convenience.

One sponge can last several menstrual cycles. As soon as you notice it becomes fragile and tears apart, put it in the trash.


Each box contains 2 sea sponge tampons.

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