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Description of the shampoo cures

The anti-hair loss cure

This shampoo combo will make your hair stronger and deeply nourish and protect your hair and hair fiber from hair loss.
The anti-dandruff treatment

These three shampoos are ideal for limiting dandruff and scalp irritation. Your scalp will be able to breathe more easily, which greatly limits dandruff.
The shine treatment

This trio strongly favors the shine of your hair but not only! Your hair will be softer, smoother and more voluminous.
The cure for fragile hair

Using these shampoos alternately will make your hair shine and nourish it in depth thanks to their Omega-9, vitamin and amino acid content.
The cure for curly hair

These shampoos have been designed to nourish in depth from the scalp to the ends. With this treatment, your curly hair will be resplendent!
The growth cure

Who doesn't dream of long, silky hair? With this combo of shampoos you can achieve this dream. They promote hair growth by providing strength and shine.
The cure for an irritated scalp

This treatment focuses on your scalp. It will be refreshed, purified, revitalized and cleansed.
Fortifying cure

Mainly based on garlic and black cumin oil, this cure allows your hair to become more robust. After use, your hair will be voluminous, supple and revitalized.
The moisturizing treatment

This perfect combo will moisturize your hair in its entirety. The aloe vera shampoo moisturizes the scalp, the olive oil shampoo removes split ends and the coconut shampoo moisturizes the hair fiber and hair.
The sebum-reducing treatment

All three shampoos will help reduce sebum production and get rid of that greasy look in your hair.
The volume cure

The garlic oil and keratin shampoos give your hair volume and the coconut shampoo gives it a sheathing and smoothing action.

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