Menstrual Cup - Lamazuna

Hypoallergenic Menstrual Cup - Lamazuna

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Lamazuna menstrual cup is a menstrual protection, eco-friendly alternative to toxic sanitary tampons and napkins. Reusable up to 10 years, you can keep it in your body up to 12 hours discomfort or leakage!

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Description of the menstrual cup

A safe alternative to tampons and sanitary towels, Lamazuna menstrual cup is a small medical-silicone cup which offers high protection during your period.

Easy to insert, its anatomical shape adapts to all women (even having a contraceptive coil) and does not dry out vagina walls. It is available in 2 sizes within a nice organic cotton pouch for storage.



Directions for use and how to choose your menstrual cup?

- Sterilize the menstrual cup by boiling it for 10 minutes before each use

- Fold the cup, shaped like a C, to insert it in your vagina. Don’t insert it as deep as for a tampon

- To remove it, pull at the stem and empty the cup in the toilet. Rinse it with cold water and insert it again. Do not keep it more than 12 hours

- Once the period is over, sterilize the cup again and store it in its cotton pouch


Size 1 is recommended for women who experience light menstrual flow and who have not given birth naturally (diameter: 42mm/0.13 ft; length: 47mm/0.15 ft; capacity: 23ml/0.8 fl oz)

Size 2 is suitable for women with heavy menstrual flow or who have delivered vaginally (diameter: 46mm/0.15 ft; length: 52mm/0.17 ft; capacity: 30ml/1 fl oz)




Made from 100% medical silicone without phthalates nor bleaching agents - 100% hypoallergenic and latex-free


Made in France

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