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B Slim herbal tea has three actions: it detoxifies the body by eliminating toxins, it helps weight loss by destocking stored fat and regulates intestinal transit by changing the texture of stool (oily stools) and naturally improving the constipation problems.

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Description of the Slimming herbal tea Bslim

Purifying herbal tea 100% natural and vegetable, tea B. Slim is the remedy for losing weight quickly and effectively and to regulate its intestinal transit while detoxifying his body.

The triple action detox tea does not contain caffeine, it is composed of 2 powerful medicinal plants with multiple virtues: 96% of Kinky Mallow, a rare Chinese plant and 4% of Senna. The active ingredients of this remedy are the strengths of this product, the effects of which are noted from its first taking.

Its draining action will help regulate transit and treat constipation problems thanks to its laxative property. This draining tea will eliminate toxins as waste and fight against the retention of water with its active diuretic that eliminates excess water.

The organic and draining slimming product B.Slim will detoxify and purify the body by bringing a feeling of lightness and well-being to the body. The solution to how to lose weight without physical exercises that will no longer be required to lose belly fat or lose weight quickly.



Using Advice for the Slimming and Detox Tea

- Make an infusion of detox tea and slimming B. SLIM every night, after each meal and not more than 2 hours after dinner.

- Brew tea in hot water for 2 to 5 minutes, or 10 to 15 minutes for regulars.

- Start with a 30-day course to see the effects on the body and the loss of unwanted pounds.

- Not suitable for pregnant women or people with kidney failure.

- In case of severe diarrhea or stomachaches, stop the treatment immediately.

- Keep a healthy diet.

- Attention, herbal tea B Slim is laxative.




30 tea bags



Composition of the Detox Herbal Tea - BSlim

96% of Kinky Mallow (Malva verticellata), 4% of Senna (SENAE)

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