Makeup Sharpener with Double Hole and Inner Casing - Ocean

2-in-1 Makeup Sharpener with Inner Casing - Ocean

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Our 2-in-1 makeup sharpener fine-tunes all your pencils, whether they are jumbo lipsticks or regular size pencils for brows, lips and eyes.

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What is the 2-in-1 makeup sharpener?

For the best makeup result and easiest application, it is necessary to have makeup tools in perfect conditions as if they were new, just coming out of the package. To have leads perfectly sharpened for all your pencils, adopt our 2-in-1 makeup sharpener with inner casing to collect shavings and keep your bathroom clean!

This double hole sharpener is suitable for both jumbo and regular size pencils.

How to use this makeup pencils sharpener?

Choose the hole according to your pencil size. Introduce the pencil and turn it to fine-tune as wanted. To preserve the sharpening quality and prevent the bacteria formation, it is recommended to clean the blades and remove regularly the shavings from the inner casing.

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