Arak Wood Natural Toothbrush - Siwak

Natural and Vegetable Toothbrush - Siwak

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Discover the siwak, a 100% natural and vegetable toothbrush: a natural teeth whitening action and to fight against bad breath and dental plaque for healthy mouth.

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What is the siwak natural toothbrush?

Also called araq wood, the siwak is a shrub root that is well-known and used in the Middle East as a natural toothbrush. It has a lot of properties to keep the mouth and teeth healthy and clean: cleaning, antibacterial, whitening, protecting, refreshing...

The siwak cleans effectively the teeth, fights against tooth plaque and decay while giving you a fresh breath and whitening the teeth.



How to use the natural toothbrush?

Suitable even for sensitive teeth, the siwak is easy to use and doesn’t need toothpaste:

  1. Dip the siwak in water for 5 minutes and then, remove about 0.03 ft bark
  2. Chew the bark-free part to soften the fibers
  3. Use it as a toothbrush with or without adding toothpaste
  4. After each use, store it in a dry and clean place



Composition of the Siwak, natural toothbrush

This 100% natural product is made of sticks of arak wood.

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