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The B. Smile whitening kit, non-abrasive and peroxide-free, is an aminoplastic resin gum that deeply cleans teeth and whitens them by removing stains from teeth (tobacco, coffee, tea). Immediate effect.

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Description of the With teeth cleaning Kit

The natural white toothpaste B.Smile is a black dental paste that can naturally find a bright smile, while maintaining the benefits of a toothpaste: complete protection and clean teeth. A revolution that ensures whitening of the teeth by bringing all the needs for a healthy and neat mouth.

Composed of active bamboo charcoal, tooth whitening dental paste is easy to use because it allows to have white teeth in a simple brushing of teeth. Its anti-stain action is used to eliminate all persistent traces such as yellowed teeth by tobacco, food etc. Sensitive teeth are guaranteed to be treated without gingivitis or bleeding.

After only a few brushings, the activated carbon toothpaste makes the teeth much whiter. A sensation of freshness in the mouth, a simple passage of the tongue on the teeth to see them smoother, crisp and clean.

B.Smile Activated Carbon Whitening Toothpaste is a natural product that promises good oral hygiene because it cleans and makes the dirtiest, healthiest, shiny, white teeth and fresh breath with its minty scent.



Using Advice for the Whitener activated toothpaste

- The charcoal toothpast is used as a classic toothpaste and leaves no trace of its black appearance on the teeth.

- To remove residues from the dental plaque and deep cleanse, brush your teeth after each meal, on average 3 times a day.




2 pens and 5 erasers per kit



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